Photography, as simple as it looks, it actually isn’t. You realize, when you actually start exploring it. It’s a multifaceted and very dynamic in nature. Once you start digging the profession you will find yourself enlightening you. Well, I am sure, whether you want it as a profession or not but you will definitely fall for it.

So what do you think! Shall we start our exploration now? Let’s start with the type of Photography. How many types of Photography are actually there is the first question to strike in our mind. Let me enlighten you more than 15. You might get surprised as a layman, but it’s true. We will go through some of them here.

  • Still Life Photography

As the name suggests, Still Life Photography is a kind of photography which captures objects. This kind of shoots is done majorly in advertising agencies for product marketing. Products like leather bags, shoes, cosmetics, etc. are captured in a required fashion to attract customer. Companies require Still Life Photography to develop catalog, Bulletins, magazines, and many promotional accessories. It’s an art to make the product more salable. One of the most prominent factor to take great still life photographs is to have extraordinary lighting, regardless of being indoor or outdoor. Mostly a photographer uses a lightbox which is placed in a fashion to avoid shadow from any angle.

  • Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is basically capturing a persons’ image. This is basic photography when we take a photo even from our smartphones. Though the dynamism is different as when done by a professional.  The bottom line in this photography is to capture a person’s personality, moods and aspects like this.  Such kind of photography is used for Fashion and modeling industries. Models and actors look for such professional portrait photography for their Red Carpet events. The closer photo is taken, the better image could be captured, photographers’ creative efficiency matters a lot; though.

  • Food Photography

Food Photography has become a craze now. As people are drawn towards food and lifestyle more, taking photos and uploading it over the internet has become a fashion. Taking a photo is simple. Well, it is but when you get into the professional front there are more to it. You can get Info in details about Food photography here. Exploring Food photography is like indulging yourself into a mouthwatering treat. I personally enjoy doing it. Here, diffusing shadows play a bigger part to create a good shot. Ensuring the right white balance is the key to capture a better image of Food. 

  • Wildlife Photography

Another fulfilling and well-paying niche in photography is Wild Life photography. It involves the big challenge to capture the clear and appropriate picture of wild animals. This Niche requires advanced technologies and equipped camera to get clarity without invading the privacy of the wild habitat. One of the major challenge issues is safety. The nature of work has challenges of working in remote areas, forests and other such challenging environments.

  • Event Photography

People hire a professional photographer for their events whether small or big. Events like, Birthdays, Parties, Weddings, Conferences, etc. has a lot of scope for such Niche.  This is wholesome photography where you include many techniques to acquire the moment.  It is more towards storytelling. A photographer captures the moments to narrate a story while capturing any event.

  • Landscape  Photography

Landscape Photography is about all shooting mountain, rivers, trees, roads and much more. Most travelers are quite fond of such photography; as they get to see much of different views. However, it is not confined to simple capture the views horizontally or vertically. There is more dynamism of creativity involved in Landscape photography. Clicking a picture from Mountains, Views from a valley, the birds’ eye views and like that. The creativity lies in your eyes.

Likewise, there are many more types of photography which you might like to explore. Some of them are Sports photography, Macro Photography, Fashion Photography, Street Photography, Infant Photography, Documentary Photography, Photojournalism, Weather Photography, Architectural Photography and so on. The list to be explored has many more. Whatever type it is, a photograph becomes a piece of art only when there is a heart attached to it over and above the skillful practice.

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