Weddings need a lot of planning, and planning for a wedding photographer is usually one of the topmost priorities while for a wedding event.

The most important part about a wedding is the couple themselves. Therefore, families always prioritize an excellent wedding photographer.

Couples are often seen compromising the number of guests, the venue, the seating arrangement, and even the food. However, couples usually wish to have an ace photographer capture the moments they share with their partners on an auspicious day.

Wedding photography captures the intimate moments that the partners share between themselves.


Professional wedding photographers do not miss the small moments that transpire between you and your partner on your wedding day. The high-quality equipment and experience that the photographer carries are successful in capturing these critical moments.

Mike Zawadzki Photography will know how to capture you on your busy wedding day. You will be talking to your guests and attending them and obviously won’t have the time to pose. However, ace photographers are trained to capture the real you and your moments on that particular day irrespective of whether you pose for the camera or not. Therefore, on your wedding day, you get to be a 100% you and still get the best images snapped.

Worth the investment

A professional wedding photographer to capture your important day is worth the investment. You do not want to miss out on reminiscing about your first dance or the cake cutting ceremony on your wedding day. This is precisely why you should hire a photographer.

Wedding photographers are worth the investment because they will respect the money that you invest in them. A wedding photographer spends money on purchasing their equipment. They have a website and reputation to maintain. Therefore, they do not take their worth lightly and are worth your penny.

They capture the entire story of your wedding day for you.

Things you should consider while booking your wedding photographer

Here are aspect to consider when choosing the right wedding photographer:

Budget wisely

You will not remember your guests complaining about the food or you spending little on the flower decor. This is because these are not the things that you will carry with you years down the lane. However, what you will carry with you years after your wedding are the photographs of that day. Therefore, it is essential that you budget wisely and not miserly in that department.

Find your fit

You will be coming across many photographers when you begin looking for the perfect one for your wedding. It is essential you shortlist the photographers you like and only go with the one who fits your style. Pick a photographer only after thoroughly going through his work.

Book soon

If you want your favorite photographer to work with you, then make sure you book them in advance and not at the last moment. Booking in advance will guarantee that you have them during your wedding. However, booking at the last moment does not guarantee you their services, and you might have to settle for less.

We hope this mini-guide helps you to pick your perfect wedding photographer and have a blast at your wedding!