If you are a new parent and fancying to click some striking photos of your toddler then you are reading the right article which will help you out with your fascination.  When should I book the new born photo session is a typical question that you must be daydreaming since the birth of your baby. What is the best age to get beautiful smiles and beautiful baby pictures is a very often asked question and here are the answers to all such queries.

The answer could be very simple: photograph your baby at the age you want! However, even if you can indeed take beautiful pictures of babies at any time, they will still be very different from one age to another. It is therefore preferable to be well informed before the birth of your little treasure what could be the best time to baby photoshoot. Experts at Little Star Photography can help you making this dream come true.

The first 15 days of your new-born’s life

Your baby will change ephemerally in the first days of life. If you wish to immortalize the first face of your infant, the ideal is therefore to carry out your photo session as quickly as possible after your discharge from maternity. Two styles will then be possible.

The “studio” lookwith sleeping and swaddled poses arevery often requested by parents and is only achievable in the first 15 days of your infant’s life. Your child sleeps deep enough to be manipulated while respecting his well-being. Once this period has passed, your new-born will be much more alert and worried about being manipulated. Infant acne and colic can also appear causing discomfort in the stomach. However, the photo shoot must remain a moment of pleasure and well-being for the whole small family. It will therefore be more difficult – if not impossible – to perform this type of pose after this period. As this period is very short, and essential for this type of photos, this session is therefore to be planned during your pregnancy. After these few days of life, you will have to wait a bit for your baby to grow up or opt for another type of session instead: the 100% natural sessions called “lifestyle”!

The “lifestyle” look: for this style, no age limit is necessary. These baby photoshoot sessions take place at the time of your choice, at your home, naturally, and with a “reportage” / “documentary” type approach. They are ideal for immortalizing the arrival of your newborn baby in your family without artifice. This type of session is perfect for parents looking for more authentic and natural memories.Then a story is told in pictures: interactions with potential brothers and sisters, hugs, the first bottles, the first baths, his first bedroom and much more.

Your newborn baby changes at high speed during its first months of life! He will therefore be much more alert during this period, less patient, and more agitated. It will no longer be easy to achieve sleepy poses past this age! His skin can also be tinged with acne, redness, colic can also appear and annoy him. This is why it is not necessarily the most usual age for photo sessions. However, it will be quite possible to take beautiful pictures with the family, for example in the arms of parents, at home, naturally etc. Small moments of life that are important and that can be immortalized at any age!

Your baby from 3 to 6 months

During this period your baby will be much more alert than he was in his first months of life and will be in better shape! In fact, colic and redness will start to part ways from the infant. He will start to smile a lot more, have his eyes wide open, be curious and will be performing adorable activities. . He will not be sitting still at once place but you will be able to take his photos by taking poses on his back, or on making him lay on his stomach.  These sessions can therefore be planned outside or at home in a cocooning and natural atmosphere!

Your 6 to 9 month old baby

His cute little expressions, her first laughs, her big eyes wide open are some of the unforgettable moments. Your baby will be curious, and will even be able to sit independently at this age! You will have to play with him during the session and the Babyshoot will reveal his character a lot! The advantage is that at this age he will be well awake but still he will be unable to run everywhere, which simplifies the photo sessions.

Do not hesitate at this time to opt for a photo session outdoors in a park or garden, or in the white box with your family. A 100% natural lifestyle photo session at your home with your bedroom and toys is also ideal for this period! We can also even offer aquatic sessions from this age if your baby participates in baby swimming lessons and if he is comfortable in the water.

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