Born in Albania, Sirio Berati had a passion for photography from a very young age. Regardless of the tough challenges, he succeeded to achieve what he wanted. The Montreal digital artist also plans projects in Albania, to encourage more people to explore the world of photography.


  • Sirio was studying at a University in England when he decided to apply for McGill University.
  • McGill is the number 1 college in Canada. High scores allowed him to reject prestigious colleges and joined the university he desired.
  • McGill University also provided him the opportunity to join in as a second year student.


His initial work was inspired by Grayson Perry and later by Ian Macarthur. Ian Macarthur introduced culture into his works, which became the theme of the exhibition in the art gallery-Ambigu. His foreign Canadian photographer friends were of great inspiration to him and helped him to learn new thing in this field. Cinematic has influenced his concepts and ideas in color and in digital art. Philosophy and other photographers (Albanian photographer and Canadian photographer) also inspired him to refine his ideas. Thriller and horror movies also inspired him immensely.58720000-2289436491330104-6425685242218860737-n


  • ‘Near cause’ was an exhibition held by Sirio in England. The theme of this exhibition was identity and culture. He also invited Ambigu to this exhibition in England. The exhibition was of a different kind, displaying not only photographs but also acrylic paintings, sculptures, and videos.
  • At Ambigu he only displayed his digital art which was appreciated by both, Montreal digital artist and foreigners.
  • Sirio can bring two realities to make it more pleasant for the viewer. Many natural elements are also used in his work for the viewer to enjoy different realities.


  • He is looking forward to collaborating with young Albanian photographers with fresh ideas.
  • He also likes to collaborate with models that have the courage to bring forth new ideas.
  • People, who respect artists and photographers, can communicate with the photographer and dare to criticize.

Future Plans

  • From several personal photos sent to the vogue magazine, the editorial selected many portrait photos.
  • He is deciding his concepts for vogue with his models. He is also planning to publish his photos in photo-vogue and other magazines.
  • He plans to create a YouTube channel and a network in Albania to share his ideas, experiences, and skills with people.
  • He wants to deliver behind the scene experiences while creating a simple piece of art to his audience.

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